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Heating and air conditioning units seem to break down at the most inconvenient times. Wouldn't it be nice if you had a heating and air services team in Gastonia, NC that was on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week? With Precision Comfort Specialists, Inc, you've got it. Your comfort is our top priority and we know that everyone's essentials are different, which is why we've got you covered from the get go. Sign up today for an HVAC maintenance agreement, and put your mind at ease.

You can sign up for either monthly or yearly maintenance. With both plans, you get priority access to our highly trained heating and air repair technicians. We serve clients in Gastonia, NC and the surrounding Charlotte area.

Pricing varies for each plan. Call Precision Comfort Specialists today at 980-251-1228 to speak with a service tech about your heating and air maintenance agreement.

3 reasons to have yearly maintenance performed on your HVAC

No one really thinks about their HVAC system until it stops working. Wouldn't it be nice if you had a team you could trust to proactively maintain your system to keep it from failing? Here are some advantages of scheduling yearly heating and air maintenance:

  1. You'll pay less for maintenance than a full-system replacement
  2. Your system will function better, which will save you money on your energy bill
  3. When your system functions properly, you won't have to worry about other issues like frozen pipes


Our certified and highly trained HVAC technicians will inspect the following to make sure your heating and cooling systems are in mint-condition:

  • Check thermostat operation
  • Check defrost components
  • Test defrosters
  • Clean filter or replace (customer supplied)
  • Inspect contactors, relays, and circuit boards
  • Inspect disconnect
  • Check operating pressures
  • Inspect indoor blower and motor for dirt buildup
  • Inspect condensate drain
  • Check caps & start components
  • Inspect bearings and lubricate all moving parts
  • Inspect outdoor coil and advise customer of condition
  • Inspect and test safety switches
  • Inspect duct seal at unit and secure panels
  • Inspect indoor coil and advise customer of condition (only if accessible and won't disturb any seal on a cabinet)
  • Check & document superheat & subcool (cooling)
  • Check voltage and amperage to all motors & compressor
  • Explain necessary repairs
  • Inspect wiring & tighten electrical connections
  • Check & document system temperature split
  • Run and test system

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